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Praying for Awaken

Feb 21, 2012

There is nothing as overwhelming and exciting for me, and the people that work at Going Beyond Ministries, than the days leading up to one of our ministry events. Especially one like this!Awaken is coming up on Friday night. It is the first time that our ministry has dreamed up an event ourselves and seen it come to fruition. We are beyond excited and filled with anticipation to see what unique and wonderful things the Lord has in store for all who gather.Yesterday, three of us got down on our knees in a tiny work space and prayed for God’s favor and presence to hang heavy at the event on Friday. We also prayed for every woman who was planning to attend. We asked that the Lord would intersect her circumstances in that very moment in such a way that her heart would be more prepared and open to receive His Word for her when she comes to the event.Needless to say, we are hoping and fully expecting that He will do just that. . .with all of us. So, today, I wondered if there are any of you coming to Awaken who need specific prayer? Just leave your request below and let’s form a chain of prayer for each other so that when we meet on Friday our hearts will already have been connected with one another. Leave your request and then take a moment to pray for the one right above your own.See you Friday,Priscilla