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All the Single Ladies…Hey-O!

Feb 22, 2012

Ok ladies…I live in Dallas.  The number 2 spot in the USA for single, 25-35 year old men.  And can I say, I haven’t gone on a SINGLE DATE since I’ve moved here.  Can I hear a “WHAT?!?”  SO, as I’ve walked forward in this drought of requests, I go through the usual girl things, “Maybe I’m too loud”, “Maybe I’m not in good enough shape!”, “Maybe I’m too serious…”  and the list goes on and on.  It’s at these moments that I have to do a little self-talk, “Annetta. You are made in His image.  It’s ALL about HIS timing.  You’re doing your best to beCOME the wife you need to be one day.  Just keep on with that!  He will honor your faith!”

You should see it when my friends and I get together for boy chats…we have learned that if we aren’t PRAYING for our husbands then we will quickly start complaining about them.  So, part of my practice (to keep a positive heart) of this is praying for my husband.  This man I don’t yet know needs some prayer if he’s gonna’ be able to handle ME!  So, here goes!

“Father, would you lead and guide my husband to me, IN YOUR TIMING!  Would You give him increasing wisdom and discernment in life?  Would You help him to build a home for our family?  Would You help guard his eyes and heart from impurity?  Would You release him from any strongholds and give him a respect for Your Word?  Would You draw close in intimacy with him today?  Father, would You teach him how to woo me by how YOU woo him?  I love You Father, In Jesus Name, AMEN!”


So, single AND married ladies…I think we all need a little prayer for our men, right?  Let’s lift ’em up instead of tearing ’em down!