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Q & A with Jeremy and Adie Camp

May 06, 2020

Hey Ya’ll!

This Q & A Spotlight is an extra special one to me because Jeremy and Adie Camp are my dear friends. Our families have so much fun together and I treasure our relationship. 

Together with their three children – Bella, Arie and Egan – Jeremy and Adie exercise their faith at every opportunity – even the opportunity to make a movie! If you’ve seen, I Still Believe, you know what I’m talking about!

For the past sixteen years, their evangelistic ministry – Speaking Louder has been hosting free concerts and partnering with local ministry leaders to establish mercy-based projects (i.e. medical centers, orphan care) in the communities they serve.

Additionally, their book on marriage, In Unison, and Adie’s writing for children, Even Me, are incredible resources that encourage, inspire and cultivate healthy, Biblical perspectives for adults and kids alike! You’ve gotta get your hands on these!

I hope you enjoy becoming a little more acquainted with them via this Q & A, and as always, before you go, please leave Jeremy and Adie a comment of encouragement!


  • If you could describe this season of your lives in one word, what word would it be? Why? 

Surprising/Unpredictable – It’s been a bit of a wild rollercoaster ride for our family during this season. From the initial massive excitement, to then walking through different emotions over the years building up to the release of our movie, I Still Believe,to a national pandemic being declared just two days before the movie came out. This resulted in movie theatres being shut down all the while the movie was the “Number One” movie in America on the day it came out.

Also, gearing up and planning ahead at what we thought was going to be one of the busiest seasons of our lives, as a result of the movie and amount of shows coming in, all for the pandemic to cancel our entire tour and now possibly every show for the rest of the year. We’re having to trust the Lord on many levels. He’s not surprised by this, so we’re leaning into Him to know what His agenda is, and we’re being reminded His ways are not our ways!

  • In terms of your careers, before you knew you would be _______________, you almost . . . 

Adie: I always wanted to be a musician, but before I knew I would be one, I very seriously considered going to college for art or photography. Then my band was invited to move to the U.S.A (from South Africa), and we signed a record deal with Forefront Records in Franklin, TN. 

Jeremy: Before I knew I would be a musician, I played football in high school and it was my dream to be drafted into the NFL.

  • In what ways do you ensure that your lives serve the purposes of God and encourage His people?

We both have a drive to live intentionally and impact the world around us. Yes, it’s fun to enjoy earthly treasures at times, but we know spending our lives and sowing into eternal things will be what lasts – that can never be taken away from us and its what counts. 

  • Fill in the blank. We are not very _____________ people.

We are not half-hearted people. 

When we do things, we do it with all our hearts. Jeremy is more apt to dive in immediately than I am, but when I’m in, I’m ALL in. We pursue God, our family, and life with commitment.

  • Name your biggest strengths and your biggest weaknesses as a couple? How has each served your family as you’ve fulfilled your purpose?

Because we’re passionate and intentional in the way we live – which is one of our strengths, we’ve seen fruit in our marriage, kids, and ministry as a result of our dedication. However, along with these things, it’s easy to become critical and prideful. We have to remind ourselves to walk in humility and that there is nothing good in us, apart from knowing Christ.

  • When is the last time you each laughed so hard that it hurt?

Last week! We’ve had Jeremy’s nephew and niece quarantining with our family, and we’ve had equal amounts of deep spiritual conversations and silly stomach-hurting laughter. So fun!

  • What has been the most difficult season in your lives? How did your family get through it?

We’ve honestly had a few really hard seasons, however, a few years ago we went through an especially difficult season of walking a road with someone very close to us who was battling addiction. It caused a lot of friction and hurt in our family, but the Lord used it to shine a light on many areas in our lives and in our marriage that needed a massive dose of attention and maturing. Jeremy also struggled with anxiety and depression through this season. As we got on our knees seeking the Lord together, begging for grace and forgiveness not only in our own lives but in the lives of others, the Holy Spirit broke through and gave us victory in many areas. It was hard, but looking back – so, so necessary and good.

  • If this was your last year on earth, what would each of you want to spend your time doing?

Keep our family close and go around the world sharing the love and hope of Jesus.

  • If you could make three wishes and there were no limitations on what you could request, what would you each wish for?

For the whole world to know who Jesus is; For our kids to live wholeheartedly for the Lord – no matter what they’re doing; To be able to eat anything and always be super healthy!

  • If you could tell your younger selves anything, what would it be?

Adie: Don’t hide or change who you are in order to get approval from others. Be confident to walk in what God has for you.

Jeremy: Know that after every trial there is going to be a beautiful story of redemption. Don’t give up or give in to fear, God is in control.

*These blog interviews are designed only to be fun, informative and introductory. GB Ministries has varying levels of familiarity with each participant so their presence here does not equal our endorsement of or full alignment with theological doctrine or political perspective.