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Resolution Revolution Book Club Week 2

Sep 28, 2011

Purposefully Feminine – I will champion God’s model for womanhood in the face of a postfeminist culture. I will teach it to my daughters and encourage its support by my sons.

We hope that you guys are having a great week and that this week’s reading in The Resolution for Women has been encouraging and challenging all at the same time. Priscilla and I were talking yesterday about you all and wondering how it’s going with your pen pals, what questions God might be bringing to your attention as you read and how you all are feeling now being in week two of this virtual book club. 

Before we meet again tomorrow for Week 3 we wanted to hear from you all. What have you learned this week, or what have you wrestled through? Are the pen pals beneficial? Are there questions that have arisen from this weeks reading that you would like for Priscilla to answer?

Maintaining biblical womanhood in our time is no small thing. We as woman have more rights than ever before and privileges that some thought would never exist. So how do we balance this with who God says we are and what He has called us to be?

We can’t wait to hear from you. Leave any and all questions below and Priscilla will see you here tomorrow for week 3 of the Resolution Revolution Book Club!