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Resolution Revolution Week 4 Winners

Aug 07, 2011

Hey Friend!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I certainly did. I got to spend it
with my family and some wonderful friends in Memphis, TN. The Life
is one of the most unique churches I have
ever experienced. It is refreshing in it’s wide range of diversity and
its powerful influence in the community. Every time we visit (which is
quite frequently) we are blessed by all that the Lord is doing in them
and . . . through them.

Over the course of the many weekend services that they host on their
numerous campuses, I was reminded of their outward focus. Through the
services, the congregants were reminded about their church’s many
outreaches and encouraged to participate in as many ways and they can.
Whether its taking school supplies into Memphis’ inner city school
systems or providing warm bedding during the cold winter months, this
church believes that it’s mission is to serve the community in tangible
And they are making an impact.

What about you and I? Are we, in our own unique ways, demonstrating the love of Christ to the people around us?

Friday, for The Resolution Revolution Project, I challenged you to
consider Resolution #9 – a directive to care for others. I was excited
about and inspired by your many responses and I hope that you will take
time to read through them so that you can get some creative ideas of how
you can begin to serve the people around you.

Like Christine Caine  has done.
A21 is saving the lives of women in parts of the world
that you and I often overlook. She decided long ago to allow her
compassion to stir her to action and the impact is staggering.
What might happen if you and I . . . and the body of Christ at large . .
RESOLVES to care? No telling how impactful our efforts will be.

I hope you will make this resolution with me. In fact, this week try to
find one way that you can and will serve another person. I’d love to
hear about it!

But first, we have some gifts to give away! Three of you are receiving
signed copies of “The Resolution For Women”.  Congratulations to:

And, I can’t wait to send a Going Beyond T-Shirt to:
Anjie Richard Jones


Congrats to all of you! Alongardner, I was thrilled to hear about
your sister, Ashley, ministering to others in Haiti! Maybe you can send
the shirt along to her. Hopefully it will bless her!

I hope that each of you have a great week and remember to reach out to
others as the Lord brings them onto your path. I will be here all week
but back on Friday for our 5th installment of The Resolution Revolution

In the meantime, please continue to help me spread the word. You’ll
notice that we’ve added some buttons (at the bottom of this post) to
make it easy for you! Of course, you can also include our hashtag
(#resolutionrevolution) in your tweets!

Bless you.

Talk soon