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Taking God at His Word

Nicole Staples | Jun 24, 2014

I still consider myself fairly new here at Going Beyond.  It’s been over 5 months but I’m still making my way through new territory while each day gaining familiarity.

Several days ago I found myself browsing through past blogs from the women that have left their footprints on this ministry. Readers that have been a part of the Going Beyond sisterhood for a while will remember Linnae, Annetta, and Antrenette, who all frequently blogged alongside our fearless leader, Priscilla.  I so enjoyed reading their stories as they laid their hearts bare.  Some posts made me laugh, others a little emotional (I won’t say if tissues were involved), but through their transparency I felt encouraged to reflect inward and dig deeper in my walk with Christ.

What I love about the word of God is that it is just as relevant today as it was last month, last year, or as far back as you’d like to take it. The Going Beyond team before Michone‘ and I had so much to share. And today, I’m excited to share a past blog that I pray will encourage you during your current season of life.

Do yourself a favor and get comfortable, grab your favorite hot drink (or cold drink nowadays!) and enjoy!

Nicole 🙂

Bible on Picnic Table

“For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God”. 2 Corinthians 1:20

Recently the Lord has really cemented this verse into the depths of my heart. No matter what situation I face He continues to bring me right back to this Scripture….over and over again. I didn’t really understand why at first, but He later revealed areas in my life where I was not fully trusting Him. Doubt and fear were overshadowing my faith and I didn’t even realize it. It was affecting my prayers, my worship and most of all, my relationship with the Lord and He was using this verse to get my attention.

One thing He showed me is that I needed to start wholeheartedly believing that His word is true. I would say in one breath that I trust God, but then I would find myself secretly worrying about the situation. My Pastor says it perfectly. He says that it’s not enough to simply believe in God, but we as followers of Christ need to start believing God. Believing that each and every promise He has made in Scripture is available to us.

He also showed me that He is completely incapable of breaking His promises. If we ask God if His promises in Scripture apply to us, His response is going to ALWAYS be, “Yes”!

Lord, if I delight myself in you, will you give me the desires of my heart? His response will always be, Yes. Psalm 37:4

Lord, I am brokenhearted. Can I trust that you will be near to me? His response will always be, Yes.

Psalms 34:18. Lord, if I seek you with my whole heart, will I be able to find you? His response will always be, Yes. Jeremiah 29:13

Lord, I am weary and burdened, will I ever be able to find rest? His response will always be, Yes. Matthew 11:28-29

Lord, financially I am in a tight spot and I don’t know what to do. Can I trust you to meet all of my needs. His response will always be, Yes. Philippians 4:19.

Sometimes it’s so easy to believe God’s Word for somebody else and to stand in agreement that the promises of God are going to be manifested in their life, but when it comes to our own personal situations we quickly embrace fear and doubt.

My friend, God’s promises apply to you and to me! No matter what our past has been or the mistakes we’ve made, His promises are true and can be fully experienced in our lives. Will you join me in taking God at His Word?

Praying for you,