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Thanks for Leaving Me Some

Rachel Anne | Jan 27, 2010

My husband, Tom, and I were out running errands the other day.  One of our stops was at the grocery store, which is always an adventure with him.  He usually goes for the exotic jams, interesting bread, and savory snacks that I never come home with when I’m on my own.

I glanced down and saw he’d placed a package of Ghirardelli Chocolates with Hazelnut in the cart. “For you,” he said grandly.

I protested.  “Too expensive!”

But he looked so eager to please . . . and well, c’mon.


I gave in.

Back in the car, he opened the chocolates for me and broke off a square for each of us to eat. “Hmmm!” he said, examining the package.  “I guess I don’t really like hazelnut.” he set the chocolates down.

“All the more for me,” I smiled, secretly glad.

The next stop was a quick run in to another store, and this time I went in by myself, while Tom circled the parking lot.  It took me a little longer than I’d hoped to get through the self-check line, but I finally made my way out outside. Tom pulled up to the entrance and I hopped in. As we exited for home, I eagerly picked up my expensive chocolate treat, bought special for me by my Sugar Daddy.


There were only two squares left in the whole package. I glared at him.


He wiped his mouth and sheepishly slurred, “I don’t.”

Then he shrugged with his palms up and looked at me helplessly. “I’m so sorry. I just . . . they sorta . . .” He hung his head.

Well, how could I be mad at that??

I guess that’s the power of chocolate. I’ve faced it myself with the same sad result.

So I crammed the last two squares in my mouth as fast as I could – before he could see if he liked them any better than the first eight he had.

Thanks, Babe.


What’s YOUR weakness? Mine’s chocolate . . . and bread . . . and coffee with french vanilla creamer . . .