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To Encourage Another

Priscilla | May 09, 2017


So glad you’re joining me on the blog today! Always am. Would love to chat with you.
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So, what do you think? What encouragement would it bring someone to get a letter in the mail with their name on it?! It could be from someone they least expect but a reassuring gesture that lets them know that they are being thought of and remembered. How many people in our lives have been tucked away from our regular day-to-day lives? If there’s someone that comes to mind, lift their spirit and drop a card in the mail. If there’s someone that comes to mind, let us know in the comments below!

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Before you go, if you were with us last week, we had a book giveaway that was special for your tween girls. We received over one hundred entries via our blog and through email! From the over one hundred comments you left this past week about your precious girls, we had the hard task of choosing some winners. You have no idea how much we would have loved to just mail all of you a copy of Lena in the Spotlight: Hello Stars but we had to choose.

So, drumroll please…!
Congratulations to:
1. Becky Grossi
2. Bethany Cook Hunt
3. Lorene Peetz
4. Teri Piver

Ladies, if you haven’t already, please email us at giveaways@goingbeyond.com so that we can get your information and send a signed copy of Lena in the Spotlight to ya!