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Unfinished Business

Sep 20, 2010

Quiet Time Notes

Hey there.

Glad you’ve stopped by today. I’m surrounded right now. . . by dinner
dishes, piles of kids’ homework, boxes that need to be emptied from
moving and clothes that need to go to the dry cleaners. In the midst of
it all, I’ve been struck by a simple phrase from 2 Chronicles 6:8 that I
want to share with you. It’s Solomon chronicling a conversation God had
with his father, David:

But the Lord said to my father David, Because it was in your heart to
build a house for My name, you did well that it was in your heart.”

I get so upset when I have something on my to-do list to accomplish,
or in my mind and heart to finish and yet. . . I don’t. If time doesn’t
allow or interruptions get in the way of my intentions, I am often
frustrated and discouraged. I feel a bit like I must have wasted time
and not maximized the potential of my day, month or year. And while I’m
sure that sometimes pure procrastination or misuse of time might be to
blame, I don’t like looking back and seeing unfinished business.

I wonder if this is how David felt when he desired to build a temple for
Yahweh. He wanted so desperately to construct a place where God’s
presence could rest and yet. . . he didn’t. The work was reserved for
his son, Solomon. Whether or not David felt badly, I don’t know – but I do
know that having good intentions qualified as an honorable work to the
Lord. Just having it in his heart was reckoned as righteousness to the

This encourages me. My whole list doesn’t have to be DONE. Seems that God will even honor my desire to do it.

What has gone unfinished in your week that has left you a bit discouraged today?