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Shannon | Sep 03, 2020

I kept a close eye on the front porch during the Spring season. The wildlife was having a field day. Insects were haphazardly flying into the windows, producing a droning sound to accompany the clatter. Squirrels were scurrying across the front yard and up the rain gutters, playing what appeared to be a game of tag. And the birds, while seemingly minding their own business, were actively constructing . . . something.

At first, I thought it was a nest, but then it grew wider and wider, and they never took rest on it. Straw-like grass piled up on the inner porch railing as each bird proceeded to grab a strand and lay it down. It was a task of preparation that lasted for nearly a week. 

Then . . . the birds stopped coming . . . leaving their nest-like creation behind.

It struck a chord with me. What was the point of all of their hard work? Their tireless efforts, were they in vain?

What now remained was a visible representation of unfinished work. I gazed upon it and realized that I may be guilty of the same behavior. I start assignments and, on occasion, fail to finish them. I am not referring to those activities that are put on pause due to the need to maintain balance in our lives, or those that are not in alignment with God’s Word. I am very specifically referring to those that serve an immediate purpose, and we’re dragging our hands and feet to complete.

God’s Word teaches us about the importance of diligence. Whatever we put our hands to do, we are to do with all our might (Ecclesiastes 9:10; Colossians 2:23). He has entrusted responsibilities to us, and His desire is that we fulfill them. Is diligent study of His Word effective if not paired with practical application? No, it’s not, and neither is a work begun and never completed. 

We must press on toward the finish line to receive the heavenly prize for which God is calling us (Philippians 3:14). Let’s refrain from leaving behind a residue of our efforts, incomplete and without use.

Sis, are there projects in your life that you’ve exerted energy in accomplishing and you need a little nudge to finish? I encourage you to refuel and realign with His purpose and break free from unfinished work. You’ll be so glad you did!