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Week 7 Winners and The Book Club!

Aug 28, 2011

Hey there friend! Glad you are here. Click play!


Congratulations to the winners. Please email us at info@goingbeyond.com and we’ll get your gift to you right away!

Again, thank you all for joining me. I can’t wait to participate in the book club with you! It’s going to be fun. Leave your initials/name if you plan to participate and then look for updates throughout the next two weeks to give you instructions on how the book club will work. (I will select the winners of the 10 copies of “The Resolution for Men” by this Friday)

We will officially begin the book club on SEPTEMBER 16TH! The book will be available through Going Beyond Ministries or your local bookstore on September 1st.

Now, promise me you’ll still hang out around here even though the club doesn’t start until mid-September, will ya? I’ll be around here every day along with my blogging friends, Linnae, Antrenette and Rachel. As always, we’ll be having lots of great conversation. 

See you soon.

Bless you,