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Continued Worship

Nicole | Jan 28, 2016


I love music. And I love concerts even more. Everyone in attendance is there for one thing – the same thing. On this night, it was for worship. Bethel’s Worship Nights had come to town. I was counting down to the day I would stand shoulder-to-shoulder next to men and women all longing and anticipating a face-to-face encounter with Jesus.

We worshipped as one voice that night. 5,000 plus, I’m sure.

There’s something so incredibly special about worship. There’s always something very rich within the experience. Rich in unity. Rich in freedom. Rich in love. We were all together, most of us – if not all of us – broken and bruised, with hearts pressing towards God. Each one of us acknowledging that we were hopeless without Him.

Bethel Worship Nights 3

I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around what Heaven would be like. What it would feel like. That evening, as much as I would have loved to believe it was Heaven on earth, I knew it didn’t even compare. And that makes my heart soar with excitement. An endless sea of voices worshipping in unison – everyone in attendance for one thing – the same thing. I can feel goose bumps rising and my heart leaping just from the thought alone.

Worship is an act that draws you closer to God. While tears fall and stain your face, there’s peace and freedom within His closeness. As your hands stretch towards the sky, earthly worries are released from your grip and gather at His feet. Where He’d prefer they remain.

In worship, worries are released from your grip and gather @ His feet where He’d prefer they remain.

I left that night with a ringing in my ears. The ringing you experience after you’ve sung with full lungs and make your way through the exit doors to step outside into the wide open. The silence of the open sky is pressed up against the echo of what was behind those doors. A ringing of praise and adoration. It was a reminder of what had just taken place.

I wanted it to last forever.

I won’t always have a family of 5,000 in a concert hall surrounding me or a Sunday service to attend, but I am still free to worship with my life in my day-to-day. He will still find great joy in meeting with just me.

Just you.

Bethel Worship Nights 2

I pray that after worship nights have concluded and Sunday benedictions have been given, we continue to live a life of worship. A prayer for you and a prayer for me . . .

Dear God,
I am humbled that you would come down to meet me exactly where I am. Thank you for allowing me to be in your presence. I pray that my heart will always be in a position of worship, whether it be in a crowd of 5,000 or standing by myself. May I always sing your praises and always desire to draw closer to You. Increase my sensitivity towards You as I live my life in pursuit of the purpose you have for me. No matter what my life may bring, I pray my heart will always beat in unison with yours.
In Jesus’ name I pray.

Now you know I couldn’t end this post without any music, right?! 🙂 This song, Here Waiting by Covenant Worship, has been in heavy rotation on my playlist. The words . . . so good. Enjoy.

Until next time,