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A New Bible Study Just For You!

The Going Beyond Team | Apr 08, 2015

There has been a lot of buzz in the Going Beyond office these past couple of weeks. It had only been a few days after our AWAKEN gathering when we began preparing for a week-long Bible study taping session with LifeWay for Priscilla’s upcoming Bible study, The Armor of God. Our excitement has definitely been in non-stop mode.

It’s always a treat when the LifeWay team comes to town. Not only because they are such a fun group of people but it’s always a surprise to see what type of set design they’ve created this time around. They make the best sets and this time was no different!


There were cameras, lights, headsets and wires everywhere.


We also had a great group of women that joined us for each night of tapings. We even had a couple of women that flew in from North Carolina just to join us!  Loved that!


We began each night with prayer. We prayed for the ladies that joined us for each session taping and also for each of you that will participate in this study. Know that you are always on our hearts and minds.


Priscilla’s upcoming study will focus on the armor of God. This study is equipped to help you dig deep in to each aspect of the armor of God and challenge you to not only put it on but to also walk in it and implement it in your lives.

Every time I read Ephesians 6 I am reminded of the Sunday school days when we would pretend to dress ourselves in the armor. We would gird our waist with the truth, we secured our breastplate of righteousness, we slipped the gospel of peace on to our feet, held up the shield of faith, picked up our helmet of salvation, and held the sword of the Spirit high.

Just picture 20 or so six year olds picking up their imaginary helmets and placing it on their heads!


Now fast forward to today when the armor of God needs to be ever so real in our lives. When we really need that belt of truth and breastplate of righteousness secured ever so tight. Or when we are really thankful that peace comes in our exact shoe size because it is all we have to keep moving forward in the midst of a whirlwind. Or when our shield of faith and helmet of salvation are all that are there to keep us steadfast in our journey. Or even when the Sword of the Spirit, God’s everlasting truth, is all that we have when things in our life don’t make sense.

Aren’t you thankful for the armor?!  I know we are!

So, mark your calendars and join us on this journey. Priscilla’s upcoming study, The Armor of God, will be released on August 1st! It’ll be here before we know it. We are looking forward to journeying through this study with each of you. And as the the release of The Armor of God approaches, stay tuned. You know we always love a good giveaway around here!


Now . . . what would a night be without a group selfie??

– The Going Beyond Team