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More Than What You Bargained For

Feb 23, 2012

So yesterday, I swung through the old familiar drive-through at Chick-fil-A. I’ll admit it, this is a favorite spot for my children and I. For a quick bite to eat or an afternoon play date, we love this restaurant for it’s friendly service and delicious food as much as for its wi-fi access (for me) and sound proof play area (for the kids).I could go on. . .but I guess this is not an advertisement for Chick-fil-A.Although it could be. . . But I digress.Once every couple weeks I’ll pick something up for my boys for an afternoon snack. They are always delighted when they hop in the car, famished from school, and see those happy little bags waiting for them. They are always looking forward to sinking their teeth into those delicious fried tenders and (at least for a snack) some fruit and milk. But yesterday I noticed an advertisement for their new grilled nuggets and was thrilled to see this more healthy option available. I immediately ordered four for each of my sons with the usual fruit and milk – chocolate for one and plain for the other. They grinned widely when they saw the bags in the back seat after hopping in the car but I had my camera ready to catch their expression when they pulled out the unusual offering inside.

I laughed out loud as they looked with longing despair at these nuggets that hadn’t been dipped in hot oil and fried to a golden crisp. Not buying them french fries at snack time had already been a blow that they swore they’d never recover from and now this? The boys were completely shaken and utterly beside themselves.  They wondered, betwixt and between, glancing down into their bags how I could betray them in this most ill-gotten way. (Forgive the Victorian verbage. I’ve been watching far too much Downton Abby).Needless to say, they were hungry. So despite their initial shock, they began eating and. . .much to their surprise (and my relief) they LOVED the nuggets! They hadn’t expected to be so pleased but every single bite was delicious!Sometimes, good things come wrapped in unusual packages.I’m preparing for  Awaken tonight and I’m thrilled to see what good things the Lord has planned for us. Yet, I suppose some of what will end up “tasting” good to us in the long run could possibly not look or sound good when we first encounter it. A Word that the Holy Spirit uses to convict almost always stuns us at the onset. We look it over and frown at the way it seems to assault us and demand that we change. But if we’ll dig in and chew a bit we’ll very likely find ourselves surprised with how amazing the result of His feast is.His feasts always are the best, you know. . . even if the package is different than you expected.So come with me. . .for a banquet in His Word that will leave you wanting more of Him and what He’s bringing to the table. Without a doubt. . .it’ll be more than what you bargained for. It always is.See you tonight.Priscilla