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And the Winners Are…

Mar 30, 2011

Hey friends!

I hope that you are doing well today.

I’m so glad you are here and while I’d like to think that you stopped by my virtual “home” just ’cause you wanted to see me, I have a strange feeling it has more to do with a certain young man named Kirk Franklin and his brand new CD – Hello Fear.

I’m not mad at cha’! 

That would be my reason, too! So, no matter why you stopped by I’m glad that you are here cause there are some great insights from yesterday’s blog comments that you need to read. The sentiments shared are from brave men and women who are choosing – like Kirk – to face their fears so that nothing keeps them from living the abundant life. From overcoming the fear of flying in order to go on a missions trip and battling the fear of falling into the lull of complacency and mediocrity to dealing with full blow panic and anxiety attacks, many folks bared their soul, sharing with us what fear the enemy is trying to use against them and how they are seeking to combat that. So, please take time to scroll down to yesterday’s post to catch up on all the good stuff.

I’m encouraged by your posts and hope that we’ll all continue to use God’s Word and depend on His Spirit to stand against the spirit of fear that the enemy of our soul is using to try and thwart God’s plan in our lives.With that being said. . . there are some winners to announce! Remember, these names were randomly drawn. I did something akin to putting them all in the bed of my son’s toy Tonka truck and pulling out three names! There was no special and organized criteria to determining these winners. 

So. . . drum roll please. . .

The winners are:


Cindy M (Comment re: doing what God wants her to do)

Michele (Comment re: anxiety, trusting God)CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you for saying Hello Fear and sharing your story with us. Please email us at info@goingbeyond.com with your mailing address and we’ll get your CD in the mail promptly.Ok, so if you didn’t win, don’t despair. We LOVE give-a-ways around these parts and I happen to know some pretty fabulous people whose great stuff you might enjoy. So, we’ll keep it coming. In the meantime, download Hello Fear right away! You’ll be glad you did.:)Priscilla