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Kirk Franklin Giveaway

Mar 29, 2011

Kirk Franklin is one of my favorite people in the whole world. Not only because his music is groundbreaking and has set a high bar in the gospel music industry, but because he . .  . .is a delightful person.

I’ve known Kirk since my senior year of high school. Can’t quite remember how we first met but ever since that time I’ve been stunned at what God has done in his ministry and in his life.

Don’t let his superstar status fool you. This guy is a family man who loves his spectacular wife Tammy and their awesome kids. He is devoted to his own family and to the family of God. He’s a man who enjoys deep conversation and even deeper friendships. As a member of my home church, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, he is faithful in his attendance and in sowing his time and energies into building God’s house. Sure, he’s invested his musical gifts but he’s also served in the parking lot ministry. (Can you imagine the surprise of the people whose cars he was directing through the lot?)

Yes, Kirk is a servant. He is humble, kind, and once again the Lord has given him a gift that all of us can benefit from.

His latest offering is called Hello Fear and it is a masterpiece.
kirk franklin

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than Stomp or more captivating than Revolution. Just when you sat back in satisfaction when he offered us Hosanna and The Lamb of God, Kirk has gone to a whole other level and. . .he taking us on the ride of our lives.The title says it all: instead of allowing his fears to keep shadowing him – always intimidating him, daunting him and keeping him from moving forward full speed- he is seeking to face them full on in the power of the Lord.
He is encouraging us to do the same.So, I’ve got three copies of this wonderful CD to give away. I can’t wait for you to have it. I’ll do a random drawing from those who leave a post answering this question: 
What is your #1 fear and how are you facing it full on instead of allowing it to intimidate you?I’ll look forward to reading your entries and presenting three of you with copies of Kirk’s latest. Leave your comment and I’ll meet you back tomorrow to announce the winners.
Talk to you soon.Priscilla