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Astounding Generosity

May 22, 2011

Hello Sister,

So glad to give you an update on the results of your amazing generosity. So many of you partnered with us during the Going Beyond Simulcast in April to raise money for Watoto in Uganda.

Watoto Living Hope

I am stunned with a holy awe and gratitude to the Lord at the latest update from Watoto.  Together, we have raised over $130,000 for the women that Watoto is serving!

I hope you are as amazed as I am! Doesn’t it feel good to know that you are a part of something with eternal value – something that will impact the life of another human being that you might never even have a chance to meet?

I’m humbled by your generosity and grateful to be able to serve a woman like you through our ministry.

I received an email from Marilyn Skinner – the co-founder of Watoto – several days ago and I want to share a portion of it with you:

I just don’t know what to say – I’m totally overwhelmed and my heart is over-full. I have just been informed that the offerings from the simulcast have exceeded 100K. Thank You Thank You Thank You from me and all your Ugandan sisters. I pledge to steward this gift wisely so as many women as possible can benefit. We’re taking the women through in groups of 10 and hope to complete over 100 surgeries this year.  

One of the women that your donations will help is named Irene. She was ambushed by the LRA & then mutilated. She was a nurse with good job & lovely family. Her husband left her & she’s been unable to find employment due to the disfigurement.  But her story will not be a drama of victimization but a story of restoration and empowerment. The kind that transforms formerly mutilated girls into successful business women and pillars in their community. Irene is going to come work at Baby Watoto Gulu when her surgeries are complete. So thanks again for your friendship and partnership.


Praise the Lord! I hope you will continue to pray with me for Irene and the many other women whose lives are hanging in the balance. I also encourage you to continue to gather your sisters – mobilize the women in your sphere of influence to contribute to the great work happening through Marilyn and Watoto.

They are extremely good soil to sow your seeds of generosity into!

Bless you today,