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It’s Official: I’m Black

May 19, 2011

Hey, ya’ll. This is Rachel….the very pale gal on the right.

Priscilla and Rachel

But don’t let my paleness fool you, because I found out yesterday that I am officially – a black woman.

That’s right. I’m African-American!

Here’s how I got the news. First, I got pulled over by a policeman for having an expired inspection sticker. Aw man, I KNEW I was busted as soon as I passed the cop car and sure enough, he turned his lights on and signaled me to stop. The officer questioned me, then took my license and insurance card (also expired – ack!) and went back to the squad car. After a long while he returned to give me a warning for the inspection sticker, and issued a citation for the outdated proof of insurance.

Blast it! If only I’d put the new card in the glovebox!

Then, as he handed me my license he looked at me intently.

“Ma’am, you might want to check with the Department of Public Safety. When I pulled your information up on our database, well….” he scratched his head. “It says you are a black woman.”

Well, I started cracking up and I WISH WISH WISH I could have kept a straight face and said, “I AM black, can’t you tell?” OH MY GOSH I would have loved to have seen his face…….because obviously, I’m so white that I’m clear.

Instead I said, “Oh, well last I checked, I was a white lady, so I guess I’ll have to fix that.”

And I smiled all the way to my destination. I just feel like I have a little more soul than I had the day before. Ha!

Have a wonderful weekend,


What color are you? Do you ever have trouble filling out forms that ask for race? Apparently, I do.