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Shannon | Feb 12, 2019

My route to work is the same every morning. I pass the same landmarks. I see the same fields and the countless trees that line the road. Although the wildlife is ever-changing, I usually see a variation of squirrels, birds, cattle, horses, and even a pig every now and then.

An influx of migrating birds have taken over the silence we had during the summer, and a tree fell down on our ministry’s property during a storm a few months ago. The old computer game, Oregon Trail, comes to mind every morning as I pull into the driveway because there are just so many squirrels . . . and birds . . . out here these days!

All the autumn leaves have fallen for the year. Currently resting on the ground, they will soon be bagged up and tossed away.

Just yesterday, on my usual drive, I noticed a beautiful, grandiose home to the left of me. In all my years driving down the same path, I had never noticed this property. The trees that stood before it were leafless now, and the house was more visible.

And simply stunning!

My field of vision shifted when the leaves fell, and my eyes were filled with awe and wonder. The trees, now barren, exposed a magnificent property and I was so glad to see it!

Something had to die for beauty to be revealed.

In John 12:24, it is written, “Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”

When wheat flowers relinquish their kernels to the earth, they will germinate into more wheat flowers. This is a continuous cycle with every new harvest. The wheat flower is buried and grows to new life.

By laying itself bare, it bears more fruit.

 This illustration is depicting Christ’s earthly death so that we, though sinners, may have salvation. In Christ, we are a new creation. The old is wiped away; the new has come (2 Corinthians 5:17). In many ways, this illustration also reminds me of the importance of our death to self. There are many distractions that keep us from experiencing the true beauty of Christ, the peacefulness, the awe and wonder of all that He is. Our field of vision shifts away from Him and hones in on earthly possessions. Just as the trees grew barren, we must lay bare before Him. Like the kernels fall, we must relinquish those things that do not bring glory to Him. Freedom from these distractions will allow the peaceful, abundant beauty of Christ to reveal itself in our lives.

Are there things in your life that need to die for the true beauty of Christ to be revealed? Anything you would like to lay bare before Him?

How may we be praying for you?