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Blessing in the Pain?

Oct 03, 2010

If you haven’t already, hop on over here and read this month’s Jewelry Box article. 

There’s blessing that comes with pain . . . . I can only imagine that between those of us reading this blog post today, we have been through quite some hard things, or are currently going through some very painful situations. Maybe you’ve experienced loss lately, or the doctors keep telling you that you are a medical mystery, or you have never been this stressed before in your life, or your marriage isn’t quite looking quite like you thought, or maybe you just keep having one bad day after another. 

Whether you are currently in a hard place or have come out of a hard place, I wonder if we might bring peace and encouragement to each other today by sharing what we’ve learned/are learning about God’s character, His heart for His people and how our lives have been forever impacted by the pain that we have experienced? 

What has God done for you or what truths/verses/blessings do you have to share about your journey through the pain? I think that your words can bring life and hope to someone that needs encouragement today. . .