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Faithful in Ministry

Oct 04, 2010

This past week, I partnered with my parents at the Church Development Conference that is hosted every year by their ministry, The Urban Alternative. Church leaders gather from all over the country and abroad to gain insight and encouragement for their ministries.

Every evening, as I sat in the sessions, I was floored by the solid Biblical teaching. Each guest speaker offered an encouraging word that stirred the hearts of all who listened and spurred them on in the ministries God has entrusted to them. And I felt proud. . .proud of the ministry that my mom and dad have had investing in the lives of others for such a long time – 34 years to be exact. One by one, night after night, people who took the stage honored my parents for their many years being faithful as spouses, parents and leaders in ministry. 

And on the night Henry Blackaby spoke, I was moved. I’ve admired him from afar for so long. His ministry has blessed millions for more decades than I’ve been alive. His wife of more than 50 years accompanied him, and the words he shared were a stirring reminder of the importance of having integrity in your ministerial and personal life.

Dr. and Mrs. Henry Blackaby

The Blackabys and me.

What a rich heritage of family and faith.

So today, I thought that you and I could continue speaking highly of the faithful people that we seen serve in ministry for a lifetime. I’m grateful for my parents and for the Blackaby family today.

And you?