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Blue Toenails…and Resolutions

Jul 20, 2011

My husband and son left for their annual father-son fishing trip to Minnesota this morning, and after I watched them drive away I sank into the couch to take in the QUIET.

Then I got up to finish loading the dishwasher. It may be the last full load for a couple of days, because I don’t intend to do any cooking while they are gone. Ha!

Next on my agenda was a pedicure – long, LONG overdue. I decided that having pretty toes would help me focus on the work I need to get done while they are away, yep that’s right. Inspired by my orange purse and the ensuing new attitude, I opted for metallic blue polish.

Live, Rachel, LIVE!!

blue toenails!

Without my 17 year old son here to tell me they look a little like fly eyes (oh, I know that kid soooo well), I will relish the silliness of blue toenails until he returns to tease me.

Time alone is a luxury I have never had much of. In fact, I can count only a few times in my entire life that I have been alone for more than a day. And I find that I crave it. My soul needs some space. Do you feel that way, too? This week I’ve set up my studio for a couple of art projects that require some intense concentration. I’ll spend the next days painting and designing……but I’ll also be pondering.

I’ll be pondering some of those Resolutions we talked about last Friday and Monday. See, I’ve turned them into questions that I can ask myself, and I’m resolving to be honest in my assessment. Number 5 is the main one I’m turning over in my heart, and I’ve asked it this way:

Am I devoting the best of myself, my time and my talents to the primary roles the Lord has entrusted to me in this phase of my life?

What things rob me of my best? 
What are my primary roles, and have I let them become secondary to lesser things?
What does my best look like to my family? My job? People I love?

Ooh, ow! Good thing my shiny toes can buoy me through such introspection! 🙂 Stay tuned for tomorrows chat with Darlene Zschech as she talks with Priscilla about the Resolution Revolution!