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“Boo” to Gluten, People-Pleasing and a Rebellious Heart!

Oct 23, 2012

I’m the girl that doesn’t want special allowances made or to inconvenience ANYONE.  But it has become painfully obvious that I am gluten intolerant.  Our whole team laughed about this a few weeks ago while at the State Fair (BTW:  RIP Big Tex, we shall miss you!).  The GB crew went as a welcome break after the intense week of Gideon tapings.  And we loved it.  You saw all the healthy treats we ate when Priscilla posted about it here.  

Well, let’s just say there’s a little gluten in those delicious treats.  And let’s also note that when I arrived to work the next morning, I had full evidence of one of my gluten side effects:  pimples covered my face as if I was back in junior high with raging hormones.  They were so numerous and I was so humored by their obvious starting place that I named them.  One was named corn dog.  One was named funnel cake.  One was named cinnamon roll…you get it.  And the only reason I HAD these blessed flashbacks of my youth was because I had ingested that used-to-not-effect-me poison others call enriched flour…albeit deep-fried in Texas oil vats.

Ok.  Enough said about the food.  The POINT is…I was sitting and wondering WHY does it bother me when I have to have a non-gluten product?  Why do I not want to allow someone to serve me in that way?  And I submit that it comes down to 2 core issues I have: fear of man and a rebellious heart that doesn’t want to submit to God.

I fear what people think about me.  When I have to ask for something from someone, time off, a conflict-resolving convo, etc., I inwardly cringe and get really nervous   I love it when people are pleased with me.

It’s not BAD to want to please people.  But when my body is saying it NEEDS one thing and I refuse to give it that one thing simply because it MIGHT inconvenience someone else, well, I’m allowing my choices to be ruled by how they think of me.  

At the end of the day, I know that God made my body.  And however I came to have this allergy, it’s under His control.  He allowed me to be gluten-intolerant.  To deny that I have a weakness is to deny the way He made me.  And to continue to eat gluten (at this stage in my life) is to refuse to submit to how He wired this body.  It’s refusing to submit to Him.  It’s fearing people more than fearing God.  It’s allowing my sinful nature to reign in my heart…it’s just plain SIN.    

Interesting huh?  Does this shed light on any little sin-pocket areas YOU might have that are cleverly disguised as “funny little idiosyncrasies?”  Tell me!  Let’s be convicted, repent and return to The Lord together…and live the healthiest He’s given us understanding in how to live!

Love you fiercely friends!