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Building Our Faith – Part 2

Nicole | Feb 21, 2017


I know there are times when we need to be reminded of God’s love. We wonder if He sees us among the sea of others. I know I need to be reminded of it regularly. Especially during times when I feel He is silent. Last week on our blog, over 70 of you shared stories of God’s faithfulness and many more emailed their stories to us. I wanted to share several of the posts that we received because they were (ALL) too good to not revisit.

My prayer is that your faith is renewed in the very circumstance that has caused you so much grief or hopelessness. That your understanding of God’s love becomes more vivid than it ever was. That He will penetrate the many layers and speak directly to your heart. Enjoy and be encouraged!

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3 years ago my 42-year-old husband was found on the shop floor. Without the medical jargon, he had suffered double lung blood clots with only 10% survive. He was self-employed and the only income for our family. One day my eldest son asked how we were going to pay the bills and as always, my response, “God always provides”. The skeptical young boy fired back, “What is God gonna do just write me a cheque?” Well a few days later a cheque written in his name came addressed to our boy. Not only did God save my husband’s life, he reassured his boy that He always provides. Praise his mighty name!!!
Michelle M.

This past weekend I was volunteering at a food bank and we were told a young man was in need of help. I gave him all that was in my purse. I received a FEDEX package with a check for $200.00 from a wreck back in 2015 as part of my deductible!! I was like God I thank you!!
Marsha B.

When my kids were younger, due to uncertain circumstances, we lost everything we had except our clothes and furniture. It was a very hard time. My husband found another job but . . . having enough food for 5 was tough. One week it was to the point we had biscuits and flour gravy every night for supper. We did not have milk; we used coffee creamer instead. One night that week after kids were in bed I told my husband that was all of everything, absolutely nothing in the pantry. We got on our knees as we always did before bed for our prayer time together. We put it in God’s hands to take care of our kids. The next day my husband went and checked the mail and in the mailbox was a check for $68. It had been in a savings account he had when he was young and the bank went out of business. They found where he was and mailed him the check. Coincidence? NO . . . nothing but God taking care of HIS children.
Penny G.

A little over a month ago my husband lost his job. So I knew at the end of the month I was going to have to pull my boys out of their school because we would not be able to pay for tuition. The Monday of their last week, I cried out to God to make a way for them to be able to stay in school. Two days later, God made a way for their tuition to be covered for the rest of the year! It wasn’t anything we did or people connected to us . . . but God moved on someone’s heart concerning us! That let me know He cares about every detail of our lives & He will provide!
RaChell C.

My husband and I both work and have 3 kids. My husband pastors a church plant. Our car was breaking down for a year but we could not afford a new one. I would joke about how this car always started on the “second day” try. I prayed God would provide a miraculous sale and some how get us affordable monthly payments. God did above and beyond what we could imagine!!! A couple from another church called us and told us, “We know you need a new car. Go through this dealership and pick out what you need.” God provided a new Chevy Traverse that fits 7! I cried for a month. I was praying for low monthly payments and God was working out zero monthly payments. This is just one out of many of His provisions. He continues to amaze me.
Rachel B.

I remember when I was in collage and my parents didn’t have enough money to pay for my rent. I came back to my flat only to find it closed. I had no place to sleep that night, so I went to a friend’s house with nothing. Long story short, I remember feeling like “God where are you!!” And God came through for me! I got money to pay for the rent. He didn’t stop there – my collage fees were not up to date and one day I got called in to the office and I got R30000 bursary! THIS WAS GOD!! He’s just awesome!! Never forget that even when I don’t see him, He is able!!
Tintswalo N.

God is so Good!! And He loves showing us how much He loves us. My son was diagnosed with a grapefruit size brain tumor in 2013 and when something like that happens to your child, it’s devastating and there’s nothing you can do to fix it. All we could do was pray!! It’s sad it took something like that to commit our lives to God but He loves us so much!! Our friends and family prayed and prayed. After emergency surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, God healed our son!!! He is so amazing. The tumor is hard like a rock now!! God is still in the miracle business. You just need to have Faith and pray!! He’s there for all of us!! Praise the Lord!! Thank you!!! I love you Jesus!!!!
Melody N.

Over 30 Thanksgivings ago we were in desperate straits. My husband, and father of our two little boys, had suffered a brain hemorrhage and was going to need ten hours of neurosurgery to recover. Of course our financial life had become pretty devastated too. “But God . . . ” He sent all my husband’s co-workers to our front door on Thanksgiving morning with BASKETS of food and an envelope of money to help us through Christmas. We have NEVER forgotten them or the love they showed us and how that love strengthened our faith in God.
Cheryl A.

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He does see you, knows the hairs on your head (Luke 12:7), and knows each tear that you’ve cried (Psalm 56:8).  Be encouraged as you go through this season you are in.