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Burger Bites

Nov 13, 2012

I haven’t had a burger in nearly five years. Not by choice, I tell ya, not by choice. They used to be my most favorite food. The more greasy and salty the more I’d enjoy every single stinkin’ bite of the sandwich. It was my go-to comfort food.But then, I got pregnant with Jude and everything changed. It wasn’t even a gradual change that I could get used to over time. It was quick, immediate and nearly permanent.I was only 8 weeks pregnant when Jerry and I sat down for lunch across the table from some friends to tell them the big news. While Jerry and Barry each dove into their own entrees, Joanne and I ordered and shared one HUGE, juicy burger melting with gooey cheese and stacked high with bacon, grilled onions, mayonaise, tomatoes, lettuce and a buttery toasted bun. Half for her. Half for me.I was in heaven. . . but only for a little while.Later that afternoon, my stomach went from feeling slightly uneasy to being in full revolt against the beef it was being forced to digest. For four long days, it sat heavily on my stomach causing pain and discomfort that had me swearing off burgers forever.And since then, I’ve not had one bite of one single beef burger. Too afraid of the possible consequences, I’ve opted for chicken sandwiches when I get the craving for something between a bun.Until last night.My brother and I came home late from a Bible study with my two hungry sons in tow. Their uncle pulled into a fast food restaurant (as uncles do) and ordered them a couple meals this momma would never usually allow. But, this was one of those unusual nights when a mundane school day had turned into a night out for the boys so I let them enjoy it.And, enjoy it, they did.The car was pungent with that all too familiar “fast-food” smell and before I knew it my mouth was watering like Niagra Falls. I wanted a bite.I took a bite.And, all at once, the memories of salt, grease, cheese, bacon . . ..and beef came flooding back into my mind. It tasted like heaven had exploded in my mouth.So. . .I took another bite…And drove home with a smile on my face.Can’t promise that I’ll do it often but I sure am glad I did it last night.Do something unusual and fun today, ok?PriscillaPS. . . no tummy ache today 🙂