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So Incredibly Thankful

Nov 15, 2012

Can you believe that this time next week we will have had all the turkey and pie that we could possibly consume, feeling stuffed to the brim and hopefully spending time with our family or close friends? Thanksgiving is here, you guys, and I’m so excited!

Believe it or not, I’m hosting my whole family for Thanksgiving this year. Me, the youngest and only single sibling in the family, has somehow coaxed everyone into coming to Dallas. Eight adults, six children under the age of seven and one dog in my little home. What was I thinking?? More importantly, what are THEY thinking?? Having the single gal in charge of all the cooking could be disastrous. Buuuut, I’m up for the challenge! (Don’t worry, my mom will be here by Wednesday and you better believe she will come to my rescue with her magical cooking skills)

Last night a huge group of friends from church got together to share a meal together, worship and had the opportunity to be thankful for and celebrate all that God has done in each one of our lives this past year. It was amazing to look into each one of their faces and think about where we all were this time ast year and how much God has done for all of us since then. We’ve had tons of marriage celebrations, people coming to know the Lord for the very first time, others set free from addictions, a woman healed of cancer . . . the list goes on and on. 

I was so grateful for this sweet moment. I know that all of us have the intention over some point of the Thanksgiving holiday to pause and be grateful for the many things we are greatful for. But I’m so glad that last night was a catapult for me to already start preparing my heart and mind for what approaches us next week. 

I’m AMAZED by God’s faithfulness to me personally this year, and I REALLY want to give Him the honor due to Him in a way that perhaps I never have before. I don’t know what it will be or how that will look, but I thought perhaps today, through this quick read, you might be encouraged to start thinking about and celebrating the woman you are today because of God’s merciless and ever so faithful love for you these past few years. 

I can just imagine all of us pouring out our gratefulnes to God this year like we never have before and heaven responding with shouts of joy and celebration . . . then . . . we can watch and see what He will do next! I’m excited! 

Bless you all today!