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Camp Here at the Mountain

Apr 07, 2010

Sunrise at Mt. Sinai

Sunrise on Mount Sinai. Photo © Richard Beck.

“Allow me to offer you the same encouragement that Moses undoubtedly extended to the people before climbing up to receive God’s law and commandments: camp here at the mountain.  When you find that you’re at the end of yourself, when it seems the gap between you and your destiny is more vast than it’s ever been, look up so you don’t miss God coming down.  An invitation is on the way with your name on it. It’s an opportunity for you to have an experience with God that will change your walk with Him forever. Stay engaged in what He wants to accomplish in this important season of learnng and relationship building.  Don’t be afraid to make your home here at the mountain of God for as long as it takes before the cloud of His presence declares the road safe for travel again. Don’t rush the wilderness, and don’t rush the Sinai experience.


Sit tight.

Give it time.


Unpack your bags. Because camping out is part of this journey. Patience is part of what’s required for our hearts to get in tune with God’s desires.

…Don’t miss out on what God wants to do with you “this very day,” even at the furthest point from your hopes and dreams.  Your meeting with Him in this wilderness has been planned for this moment. Look and listen.”

~One in a Million, Priscilla Shirer, pp. 131, 132.

Let me ask you: Are you camping at Sinai? What is God doing in your life while you wait to “move on?”