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Pick Up Sticks

Priscilla | Apr 06, 2010


Who knew chores could be so much fun?! When the huge Texas snowstorm swept through Dallas several weeks ago, it left a trail of damage all over our quiet neighborhood. The weight of the heavy flurries caused tree limbs and branches everywhere to snap like tiny twigs. Our yard was filled with sticks in the front and back. We’d been meaning to get out there and pick them up much sooner but . . . well you know . . . life just got in the way. But yesterday, in the gorgeous spring weather, girded about by our strong young sons, we set out on a mission to clean the yard. With their wagon in tow to serve as a collection device, we swept through the yard, picking up all the broken limbs we could find. It was a chore that needed to be done, but underneath the beautiful sun and basking in the glorious spring breeze, this chore became a fun family adventure.

Small branches were worth one point while larger ones garnered five. The race was on, and for just over a hour we gathered a pretty impressive pile of sticks. The prize: a huge campfire set by their father. Their eyes widened with amazement as the fire swelled into a blazing inferno. It was fun and more importantly . . . it was a job that needed to be done and was now complete. Thank the Lord! Would love to know some ways you guys are making chores fun at your house. I can use all the help that I can get!


pick up sticks

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