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The Christmas Kitchen Giveaway

Dec 21, 2011

Tuesday I got the chance to introduce you to Tammy Maltby – one of my favorite people on the whole planet. When she caught wind of the fact that I was talking about her behind her back (and about her wonderful Christmas book) here on the blog, she decided that it was only fitting for her to give two of those amazing books away to some of our blog readers! I think she’s even agreed to sign them! So, we’ve got a fun give-a-way opportunity for you today!She also sent along some photos of some of her most beloved Christmas delicacies.Take a look at this The Rose Cake! She swears that it is not that difficult to make and that your family will love it!

 And look at this delightful cake called “The Maltby Cake” (link to recipe here) . Another cake that she never thought she could ever be skilled enough to bake but was surprised to find that it was so easy and do-able. She promises that we can do it whether we are Betty Crocker or not!And then of course, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without “Reindeer Cupcakes”. I love these because they start out with buying some delicious cupcakes from Sam’s Wholesale (Doesn’t get any easier than that 🙂 ) and then just adding a few interesting details to make them “Christmas-y”. Tammy has even given us the “recipe” for getting your store-bought cupcakes into “Reindeer” condition!Thanks Tammy!
24 chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate frosting and rolled into chocolate sprinkles (Time tip: Buy your cupcakes baked and frosted at Sam’s Club or Costco and just do the decorating!)
24 red gumdrops
48 white tick tacs
48 stick pretzels
48 pecan halves
Decorate your cupcakes buy using the gumdrop for the nose. The tick tacs for the eyes, pretzels for the antlers and the pecan halves for the ears. 
And you will have yourself one yummy Rudolf the Red nosed Reindeer!

Alrighty, now I know that these baked goods look a bit intimidating (Thank God for those reindeer cupcakes!) but I believe that we can do it! And. . .I’m willing to try!
I’d love to give two copies of Tammy’s book away to two of you who are willing to reveal your baking fears. What are some things that intimidate you when it comes to making a delicious feast for your family around the Christmas holidays? Spill the beans and then you’ll have a shot at winning. We will select two of you to win a signed copy of Tammy’s book – “The Christmas Kitchen” 

Make sure you stop back here on Friday, between all of your last minute Christmas shopping, to see if you’ve won a copy of the book!Can’t wait to chat with you today!