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The Resolution Revolution Finale & Christmas Giveaway Winners!

Dec 22, 2011

Greetings Resolution Revolution Girls!

This is our final Friday to meet up for the book club and as always, it is an honor to meet you here. It has been a wonderful journey through some very insightful and challenging territory. From the resolution to be surprisingly satisfied all the way to our resolution to leave a Godly legacy, we’ve traversed a lot of ground. 

I pray that God’s Spirit has given you encouragement and courage to be commited to the resolutions you have made in every chapter of this book. Remember, perfection is not the goal. Commitment to the Lord is the goal. In being faithful to your relationship with Him the outflow of that will be a continued growth in each of the topics we’ve discussed. 

I’m hopeful that you and I can keep up with each other in the year to come. I’d love to continue to hear from you as 2012 unfolds. I’d just love to know what the Lord is doing in your life and how He begins to transform it as you institue these principles in your life. I also hope that the friendships that you have developed with each other, through your pen pal relationship, will be lasting and bear much fruit as you continue to encourage each other in the Lord. 

Iron sharpens iron (Prov 27:17) so don’t stop sharpening each other!

So, if you had to choose the most important concept that the Lord impressed upon you in your reading what would it be? I’m very curious to hear all the unique ways that each of us was challenged by the resolutions.

I am praying that you will have a TREMENDOUS Christmas this weekend. Enjoy your family, friends, good eats, great gifts and the most wonderful GIFT of all time – our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Praying for you and thanks again for being a part of The Resolution Revolution!

Congratulations on a job well done!

And congratulations to our WINNERS from yesterday’s post: “Bo” and “Cathy Morgan-Davis”! Please email us at info@goingbeyond.com with your shipping address so we can send you Tammy’s book! You guys have got to go back and read all the comments if you haven’t already. Turns out that a lot of us are on the same page when it comes to our fears in the kitchen! AND. . . be sure to look for a few recipes that Tammy was so kind to share with us!


PS . . It would be remiss of me not to invite you to continue to have a consistent presence here on the blog. Even though the book club is over we’ll be here every day (save a few for the holiday break next week) talking about lots of interesting and fun things!