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This Christmas Kitchen

Dec 02, 2013

There are few women that have mastered Christmas cooking and entertaining like Tammy Maltby.

This woman has been a friend of mine for over two decades now. From my teenage and young adult years, I have fond memories of being at her home and staring in amazement at the unbelievably stunning décor that graced her living spaces. Then I’d listen in wide-eyed wonder as she’d take time to tell me the practical, hands-on, no-fuss and frugal way she’d pulled it all together.

Then my taste-buds would be tantalized by some unbelievable culinary creation that she served on a table that was almost too beautifully set to actually mess up. Afterward, she’d answer all my questions about how she’d gotten it done and then lead me to her recipe box so that I could photo copy everything that I wanted.
Shoot, I’ve kept those recipes for years (along with some photos of all the cute corners of her home that I snapped – unbeknownst to her).

I’ve always been stunned by her home; her life really – it is godly, life-giving, fun and immaculate all at the same time. And some how, she has always made it all seem do-able for regular girls like me who aren’t known for their “Martha-Stewartness”.
So, even before I had a home to make for a family or to entertain others in; this woman inspired me to make memories in the kitchen and every other room in the house.

This was the woman that told me that pie-crusts didn’t have to be made from scratch for the pie to taste homemade and that decorating your house creatively with the things that can be found in your backyard is cost effective and often far more beautiful than store bought options. When I registered for wedding china, she was the one that told me silver plated flatware was just as gorgeous as the real deal and required far less maintenance. (I should have listened.) And, she was the woman who told me not to save my china for special occasions because family and my most familiar friends ARE SPECIAL.

Yes I’ve learned a lot from this lady so right here at the start of the Christmas holiday season, I wanted to share her with you.

Tammy Cookbook

So many of her amazing recipes and simple ideas for making the holidays memorable are tucked in this book. You’ve got to get your hands on a copy. It will help you make this Christmas your most beautiful one yet. In reality – and I can just hear Tammy’s voice in my head when I say this – we have no business waiting until Christmas to do some of these special things anyway. The stuff you’ll find in this little treasure chest of wisdom can be used all year long – and should be!

In fact, Tammy is available to you and me on more occasions than just the holidays. You can find her and all of her deliciousness right here.  Your life will be so much richer when you connect with her!

Here’s to a beautiful holiday!