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Coffee or Tea?

Sep 12, 2011

There are a few things around here that we take very seriously at the GB office. One of them being . . . . COFFEE! 

When Antrenette came on board with us we were a little worried for her because she told Jerry and I that she didn’t like coffee. Miss A says that she is a tea drinker. WHAT! I think I just stared at her in shock, wondering what we would do at our staff meetings that are always scheduled not too early so that we can have our second – or third – cup of coffee for the day as we sit around the table, but also late enough so that we end just in time for lunch! (another thing we take seriously around these parts). 

Thankfully her cute self and personality helped me to get past this flaw of hers. 


I would like for you all to see the transformation that has taken place since Antrenette came into our lives. Are you ready for this?????……

Boom! Do you see what is in her hand? That, my friends, is a cup of coffee. Praise God! Either she is going crazy having to sit next to me all day OR she is starting to cave into the world of delicious coffee. Of course, it’s the latter rather than the former.

She’ll probably never have another cup again after today, but I will forever remember September 12, 2011 as the day that I converted Miss A to coffee! I’m a proud co-worker! 

(I hope you guys are sensing my sarcasm by this point)

I figured before we start our book club we better figure out if we have more tea or coffee drinkers around these parts, assuming that we will probably have one or the other as we pull up to our computers every Friday for the next 14 weeks. 

I’ll have you know that Priscilla is a tea drinker as well. I gave up on her a long time ago, though. She loves her green tea in the mornings!

So, the moment of truth: are you a tea fanatic like Priscilla and Antrenette, or are you the coffee lover like Jerry and I?