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Shannon | May 15, 2018


Years ago, the Lord called me to a task I felt inadequate to complete. He commanded that I lay my own plans aside to follow Him and walk in ministry. Several times I questioned how He thought enough of me to make disciples of men.

I am a flawed woman. I am fearful.

But, I am reminded in His Word that He will do what we are unable to do in our own ability. He will meet our need and supply for our deficiency (Phil 4:19), He will sustain us (Ps 54:4), and He will never forsake us (Deut 36:1; Heb 13:5). Our God has faith in us even when we lack faith in Him. His love endures and He will never give up on us (1 Cor 13:8).

He proved this to be true in my years at Dallas Theological Seminary. He was my comforter (2 Cor 1:4) and my strength (Ps 28:7). He spoke to me in His Word — both deepening our relationship and teaching me His truth. He exposed me to true peacefulness and joy. He overwhelmed me with His love. 

On Saturday, as I graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary, I was reminded of His steadfast perseverance of me and the call He placed on my heart years ago. When I first enrolled at DTS, I knew I would learn how to exposit God’s Word to better serve His kingdom, and I knew that the formal day of graduation would come. But on this day that marked the completion of my degree, the Lord humbly reminded me that He and I still have a long road ahead. My journey is only beginning and the study of God’s Word will span my lifetime. It is for this reason that I celebrate!

What task has the Lord called you to that you feel inadequate to complete?

Lay your own plans aside and follow Him. Be encouraged and persevere knowing good and well He will not give you more than you can handle.