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It’s Dinner Time!

Priscilla | May 30, 2018


Every single day at dinner time I’m in a state of shock. Around 5pm, the realization that my family will be hungry once again and need a meal to eat, stuns me to attention.

What are we going to eat? The question ricochets off of the hollows of my mind, followed by the sound of that deep, haunting laugh frequently heard in horror films.

It is laughable really.

I, along with millions of other parents, make a mad dash into the kitchen each evening looking hopelessly in our cupboards and freezers to see what we might be able to piece together for some semblance of a real meal. Because . . . well . . . we forgot that these people will need to eat something. They are hungry AGAIN! Even after we just fed them last night?

Yes. Even then.

Go figure.

We can’t quite wrap our minds around the fact that they will be hungry . . . Every. Single. Day.

Yup, we know it. We just can’t seem to accept it.

I have friends who are organized. They plan their meals out for the month and grocery shop weekly with their corresponding ingredients list.

I ignore these friends as much as possible.

I’m joking.

(Sort of.)

I want to be like them when I grow up. Until then, I gravitate fiercely to any recipe that is quick, easy, convenient, delicious and compensates for my inefficiencies in the kitchen. When I find one, or when one is shared with me, I’m all over it! So when my friend Nicole passed this amazing recipe along to me and then my three gargantuan boys and meat-loving husband devoured it, I figured you wouldn’t mind me sharing it with you . . . dear dinner-impaired sister.

It’s basically hearty veggies and chicken cooked at 500 degrees. The outcome is crispy, roasted goodness that will make your mouth water!

Click here if unable to view video.

Here’s a link to the details written by a very clever (and funny) blogger, Kendra, The Lazy Genius. You’ll enjoy reading it even if you don’t end up cooking it.

Make sure to come back and tell me how it turns out for you!