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Creative Kids Gifts!

Dec 19, 2012

I LOVE MY NEICE and NEPHEWS!  They are the most fun little human beings on the planet!  I’m sure you might try to argue with me, but *throat clears* I have the floor 🙂  In order to maintain “favorite aunt status” in the Box household, I’m going to have to kick up my game a bit this year.  So….for Christmas gifts, I’ve decided to get ultra-ninja-cool creative:  they are getting Magic Fort Box’s.

“What is a magic fort box?”, you ask?

“Ahhhh….you are gonna’ LOVE it!”  Have you seen the movie The Holiday?  It’s not a “must-see” but there is a fun little scene in there where Jude Law’s kids show off their homemade, magical fort to Cameron Diaz.  They all lay under the fun-colored, paper-star-hanging roof and just breathe in the magic.  SO, in honor of the amazingness that I find that in that beautiful moment, I’m making my magic fort box.  

Included are:

Construction Paper


String (for hanging stars!)

2 flashlights

A string of white Christmas lights

A white sheet

Colored markers to color the white sheet 

Packages of hot cocoa

A few fun blankets

A new bedtime story book


I think we are going to have a BLAST!  Don’t you agree?  What creative things have you given the little ones in your life?  Any ideas for other moms on a budget, or just trying to get their kids out from beneath a television?  

I can’t WAIT for the sticky, hot-cocoa kisses and warm little bodies snug up against me as we tell bedtime stories in the “magic fort”!