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Dear Anonymous

Jul 05, 2010

pDear Anonymous Note Dropper Off-er:/p
Thank you for your second unsigned note in my mailbox: /p
p style=”text-align: center;”img src=”http://www.goingbeyond.com/sites/default/files/blog/Picture%203_3.png” alt=”anonymous note” class=”mceItem” height=”357″ width=”353″/p
pFrom the deep scratching of the pen into the paper, I deduce that you are becoming bitter at my lack of response to your first note. Obviously, you do not realize that if you’d remembered to leave a phone number or address, I could have easily informed you that I have neither a fence that needs fixing, OR goats that keep trespassing, thus saving you the trouble of angrily scrawling the follow-up note.  I do have one extremely old dog who is far too uninterested in leaving my property, and who could not possibly be mistaken for a goat – I tell you this only in the interest of making certain that there are no misunderstandings./p
pLet me make this clear. I do not have goats. I cannot imagine why you think I have goats. I do not live next to anyone who has goats. I assure you: if I did have goats, I would most certainly have an adequate fence to keep them from making enemies of perfectly nice neighbors, which I’m sure you are. /p
pSince I can think of no other way to contact you, in order to ask you to please direct your notes elsewhere, I hereby send my response into the world wide web – in the hopes that you will see it here./p
pThank you,/p
pRachel Anne/p