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Michone' Taylor | Jul 15, 2014

1 Timothy 6:6-10, 17-19

Upon graduating from college, I learned a new word to put in the place of my discontentment. The word was “comfort”. Isn’t this what we all have the tendency to do – call our sins something else to justify them? For example, I’ve often said, “I don’t have to be rich I just want to be comfortable.” But, I’m learning that it’s in our most uncomfortable seasons that we truly see our Father’s face.

If this world is not my home, why would I seek ultimate comfort HERE? It’s because so often I forget that simple fact I’m not home. It’s like a solider going to Iraq and deciding to purchase property and build a dream home. Ludacris. His goal for being overseas is not supposed to be comfort, it’s combat.

We are never meant to be “comfortable” here. Sure, God graciously grants it to us as we go about life but it cannot be our ultimate goal. Every part of our existence finds its origination in Christ so it is not until we are actually home in heaven that our spirits will be at complete rest.

If I’m honest, often times I think that the Lord is here for my comfort, too. Like He’s supposed to be at my beck and call like a cosmic bellboy. But the heart of the matter is that I am here for His glory alone. And because He loves me so relentlessly, He throws in blessings here and there. I’m grateful but I have to remember that, that is never supposed to be what life is about. We are here to make MUCH of his name, and because we are his, He will take care of us.

So, yes sometimes God give us things we don’t want or that He knows won’t be the most comfortable because ultimately He knows it’s best for us. But sometimes, like a sick child refusing medicine that the parent forces on them, our tendency is to fight against His good gifts that don’t come in the packaging we prefer.

But, our Heavenly Father knows the truth – if life were always simple and easy and emotions were always peachy, we would never seek him. But it is on our knees that we WALK in faith.

On Our Knees

The word “discontentment” strikes a cord with me because since college it has literally been a plague. Usually I write blog posts in 3rd person but not today. Not when talking about this topic. Discontentment is my issue. It has been the killer of all joy and the robber of all peace. It has, on occasion, snuck in and infested my entire being. But God has a way of revealing it. Each and every time I am struggling with anxiety, He shows me that discontentment is at the root. But the moment I remind myself that His plans are perfect and that His glory is in ultimate authority, peace comes and rests and surpasses my understanding.

If you are struggling with discontentment today, don’t ignore it or re-label it. Face it head on in the power of God’s Spirit by disciplining yourself to seek Him and by deliberately reminding yourself of your primary purpose – to live for Him.