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Empty Faith

Shannon | Mar 20, 2018

Eating should be considered an art form. It falls at the top of my list of most creative self-expressions. I will even go as far as to say that eating habits can be used as a communication mechanism. One can gauge how others are feeling by what they choose to eat, the frequency of their eating habits, and how much they consume.

I have a sweet tooth . . . and it gets me in trouble. When I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed, I will indulge in dark chocolate or cookie dough ice cream. In the same regard, if it is a rainy, dreary day and I need a pick-me-up, I will order a box of the cheesiest, greasiest pizza.

Umm, umm, good!

Boredom eating? Yes! These are the moments when I am the most indecisive about what I am craving. Scrolling through the UberEats app, I admire the varying menus, knowing good and well I will most likely not order anything. I will then proceed to scavenge the refrigerator, find nothing, return to what I was originally doing, and then make several trips back to the refrigerator before finally deciding to sit down somewhere.

Can you relate?

Do you ever open the refrigerator, realize you have nothing to eat, and then keep opening it hoping you’ll find something?

Each time you peer inside, you observe the same outcome: emptiness. Yet, you keep returning because you are hungry and hopeful. You stand outside the door and deliberate over how you will make due with ingredients that do not mix well or taste well together. You want to satisfy your hunger, or in my case boredom. You try to make it work, but there is just nothing there for you.

I know what it is like to keep returning to a place of emptiness in hopes there will be a different outcome. I have experienced this in friendships, relationships, professional positions, and even in ministry. God has called me elsewhere, yet due to a lack of faith, I run back to the place of emptiness, seeking comfort. The enemy lures me to this place of complacency and meaninglessness, and due to my insecurity I stay. But our God does not want this for me . . . or for you. The Lord has never called us to a life of emptiness. For even in the beginning, when the earth was formless and void, He provided light in the darkness (Genesis 1:2). He provided it. His desire is that we will combat emptiness by fixing our eyes on Christ (Hebrews 12:2) and finding fulfillment in Him.

When the Lord calls you to leave a friendship, relationship, professional position, or any hindrance in your life, there is a reason and He has a plan. Refrain from backsliding. Refrain from going back to that place (Proverbs 14:14). Look to the future and fear the Lord. He has just what you need to fill any void.

Trust Him and be faithful!