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Texas Wildfires

Apr 19, 2011

West Texas Wildfires

Star Telegram photo by Paul Mosely

Yesterday, my parents packed up a few belongings and some family treasures as they evacuated their tiny west Texas town of Graford, in order to escape raging wildfires. The fires, which have now burned more than 150,000 acres in their area, have been fueled by strong winds and extremely dry conditions. Scores of homes have been lost already – and I pray that theirs will not be added to that number. They headed to my brother’s house to wait out the unfolding disaster.

What do you grab, when you have only a couple of hours to prepare? Photos, mementos, wedding china….my mother has been carefully culling their belongings down to the most precious of things over the last few years. Even still, there is more than can be loaded into two vehicles. She has fine, hand-worked linens from great grandparents, teacups that belonged to her mother, newpaper clippings from generations past, afghans, quilts, and many old books. Family documents, dishes, handmade objects and diaries, not to mention my dad’s tools and gadgets. They certainly couldn’t take the piano, although, knowing my mom, she would have if she could.

They are such dear, sweet people, my parents are. They have served the Lord as missionaries and pastors since they were first called into ministry as a young married couple. They’ve lived in Mexico, Argentina and Italy, as well as many places here in the States. Now, 50 years later, they are still faithful to their calling as they actively serve Him by serving others in their “retirement.” I’m so proud of them – for the way they have lived to give, and for the way they have led our family. Not a day goes by that they don’t pray for their kids, grandkids and now, great-grandkids. They have left a legacy of faith that we cherish.

Would you remember my folks (and the thousands of others affected by the wildfires) in your prayers today? My parents’ names are Tom and Anne Rasmussen….but God will know who you’re talking about if you just say “that precious couple in Graford, TX.”

I so appreciate it.

Rachel Anne