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Fervent Fridays | Week 11 | Final Thoughts

Priscilla | Jul 29, 2016


Welcome to our final week of Fervent Fridays! We have been so grateful for each of you that have joined us in this journey. We’ve loved praying for each of you and will continue to do so! Click play on the video below. I’d love to chat with you about a few final thoughts . . .

Click here if unable to view video: #FerventFridays – Week 11 – Final Thoughts

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Esther Hardy
Candida Nelson
Launette Chan
Sonia Luke
JJ Currie
Teresa Gines
Lejejuande Dillon Magee
Julie Klingensmith
We’ve selected a few extra winners for our last Fervent Friday post! Ladies, please email your name and mailing address to FerventFridays@goingbeyond.com!


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