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Film Shoot – Behind the Scenes

Rachel Anne | Feb 03, 2010

This week, Priscilla is taping some short films for the upcoming Going Beyond events.  The amazing team from Lifeway is here from Nashville, and they had her out in the dreary cold and rain for the filming. Thank you, Dallas weather, for being uncooperative.

Undaunted, they had a great day and were able to get what they needed to in a fairly short time! What a team. They grabbed a cup of coffee at one of Linnae’s favorite coffee shops (The Pearl Cup) and caught some of it on Priscilla’s flip camera.  Check it out . . . and hang on for the end because Priscilla asks a question that goes straight to your heart.

Girl, you’ve GOT to stop doing that!  Naaah, don’t stop . . . we love you for it!

Pearl Cup with GBProduction Team

I love this: “Ministry is using your skills to honor God.”  How are you using your skills for His honor today?

Let Priscilla know!