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Fitness Advice?

Rachel Anne | Jan 20, 2010


Back when Priscilla and I used to walk together, I wondered why our 3 mile circuit around the neighborhood was making her get really fit and skinny and it didn’t do nuthin for me. “Must be my genes,” Priscilla offered gently. I felt a little better.

Until I found out she was CHEATING on me by running several miles in the morning while I was hitting the snooze button to roll over for 5 more minutes of shut-eye. Genes, my foot!  She was working it while I was snoozing it!

No wonder my booty was slumping while hers was getting perky!

Can I say that on this blog?   Sorry, it slipped out.

Girlfriends really shouldn’t keep secrets like that, but to be fair, I was like a ball and chain on our walks. Priscilla would barely break a sweat, while I was huffing and puffing along trying to keep up. She was smart to double up on her workouts and it obviously paid off.

Big Time.

So I’ll probably start running tomorrow, or the next day. Yeah, I just might do that.


Do you have a fitness routine?  What do you do for exercise? Did you set new goals for this year? Maybe we should start a club. Priscilla can lead . . . I’ll bring up the rear.