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Frugal Friday – Vacations

Jan 21, 2010


It’s only January but I have a strange feeling that someone, somewhere has already wondered when and where they can take a vacation. With the holidays long gone and the daily matters of life pressing in, the thought of kicking back, relaxing and taking it easy sounds like a great idea.

But then again . . . maybe not.

The cost of gas and rising airline tickets can send your head into a tizzy. Just the thought of what it would require of you financially to spend a few days somewhere “special” is enough to make you want to lay down and take a nap. And that’s just if you and your spouse want to go. Think about taking a family of four or five and you’ll soon be comatose.

Well, as spring break nears and summer plans are already underway, I can only imagine that there are a few folks who’d love some great cost-effective ideas for vacationing on a dime.

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Here’s a tip to start you off.

I recall reading about a family who was strapped for cash. There was no way they could afford to take their family of five on a trip out of town. So, this creative mom got tents, flashlights and sleeping bags and camped out in their back yard for a couple nights. They made a fire, roasted marshmallows and gazed at the stars. While I can only imagine that the parents needed a vacation after this “vacation,” I was very appreciative of this creative idea. This mom said that her children had some incredible memories of their nights spent under the vast skies and the time they shared huddled together as a family. As her kids grew, they never knew that they were missing out on anything. They looked forward to their “vacation” once or twice a year.

Now, let me just say that I’m not a “camping” type of gal, but with my brood of boys I bet that sooner or later I’ll end up in a tent of my own.  What a great way to make the kids feel like they’ve “been somewhere” without really going anywhere! (And save some money so that you and your man can really go somewhere!

Your turn! Share your frugal vacation tip for a chance to win theDave Ramsey resources.