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Mar 14, 2011



I’m battling this five pound “monkey” that won’t go away. Also known as “Holiday Pounds” or “Southern Expansion,” this monkey is hangin’ on for dear life. To be honest, I guess the problem is that I just can’t seem to get serious about losing it.

Some online friends recently suggested a phone app called MyFitnessPal, so I put it on my phone and started recording my meals, snacks and exercises. It is very easy to enter as you go, and has the calorie/nutrition values for brand name and restaurant foods, which is important.

But oh my.

The first thing that became obvious is that I’m a SNACKER! Those chips really add up, ouch.

And beverages take up far too many of my limited calorie counts. Oh my beloved sweet tea. I need thee every hour.

Being faced with 450 calories that Frappe Mocha (small) from McDonalds added to my count last Friday almost made me sick. Face it, I’ve been living in a fantasy world and now it’s time to come back to reality. It’s so painful….but sort of good at the same time.

The one bit of GREAT news is that when you enter your exercise for the day, it DEDUCTS calories from your count……SO YOU CAN EAT MORE. I know that’s not the point, but I did it the other day and it felt kind of satisfying.

Do you use fitness or health apps – either on your phone or computer? Have you successfully lost weight using an app…or have you used an old-fashioned, tried and true method? I’d love for you to share your tips….

Rachel (and 5 pound Monkey)

Also, do you have any tips to keep from snacking (1) around 3-4 pm and (2) between 4-11 pm? Struggling, here.