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Apr 28, 2011

into flavor. I mean, ya’ll know how much I talk about food around here.
To me, there is nothing more spectacular than sitting down with a hungry
belly and a plate full of flavorful food cooked to perfection.

You too?

And there is nothing more disappointing then taking a bite of
something that looked good but is tasteless and bland. We love the
flavor, don’t we?

Well, I think that the same delight we take in delicious, flavorful food
is the same kind of enthusiasm the Lord would have us approach the
table of His Word and the gathering together of His people. Connecting
with other believers to worship God and learn more about Him shouldn’t
be bland and lack-lustre. He’s too amazing for that.

And so, the wonderful women at Fellowship Church, where Ed Young
pastors, have decided that their women’s conference should be filled
with all the delectable delights that a relationship with God should

Every year, thousands gather under the leadership of Lisa Young at the
appropriately named Flavour Conference held in Dallas. This is my first
year attending and I’m already salivating. I’ve got a high level of
anticipation about this event because I know God is going to show up in
the most wonderful way we can imagine.


Well, then, have I found a feast for you! You, my friend, will not be disappointed.

See you at . . . Flavour!