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Friends Forever

Jul 28, 2010

I’m in Houston this week. Houston’s fun for me. It’s the town I went to college in so it’s familiar enough for me to make my way around – a bit nostalgic and relaxing all at the same time. I’ve got some old friends here who know more about me that I care to admit. We shared a wonderful meal together the other night over the most delicious comfort foot I’ve think I’ve ever had.


Yes indeed. That is a big ol’ slab of butter on some iron skillet cornbread.We talked long, reminisced deeply and laughed hysterically about things past and present. And we leaned in closely as we shared our anticipations and desires for the future. It was a refreshing time that meant alot to me.Friendship. It’s important, isn’t it? Sure, those relationships can get messy sometimes, and the ups and downs of life seem to interrupt their rhythm on occasion, but the good ones are always worth the energy expended to keep them flourishing. Friendships teach us, mold us and encourage us. They are worth the effort. and last night with my old college sister friends, I was reminded of just that.

friends for life

Who are your life-long friends and what have those relationships taught you?


PS. . There are some good reads out there about the importance and power of friendships. “Friendship For Grownups” by Lisa Whelchel and “The Friendships of Women” by Dee Brestin.