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Frugal Friday (Monday) Winner

Priscilla | Dec 28, 2009

It’s been a great holiday season for my family and I. The boys have had a never-ending Christmas. It began at our house on Christmas morning. They woke up at 6am to see our little 3-ft tree lined with a few gifts for each of them. I marveled at how quickly each gift was unwrapped (more like shredded) and admired then tossed aside for the next.

Around 8 am, we continued our normal Christmas tradition. We bundled up and headed over to my parents house. There we ate a huge breakfast made by Nonny (my mom), had a short devotional and then opened more gifts. Again, each was unwrapped, admired and then almost instantly forgotten. We had a full day and spent the night there. My other siblings and their families bunked up on the floor and in twin sized beds. It was perfect.

We woke up, ate more good home cooking and then everyone packed up to go home. Except, we didn’t go home. My boys have another set of family members that wanted to see them. Their dad’s mother and brother were sitting on pins and needles, waiting to lavish them with a few trinkets of their own. Again, unwrapping and quick admiration.

Except for an obvious emotional attachment to a couple special toys, most everything wasn’t appreciated enough for my liking.  In fact, one little toy got misplaced in all the chaos of the day’s events and when asked about it my son replied, “It’s ok. We’ll just get another one.”

What? Have you no concept of money, my child?

Indeed, it seems I’ve got some more work to do with my little ones. I’m working hard to give them fantastic childhood memories with all the deliciousness of Christmas, while at the same time helping them to appreciate the value of a dollar, the importance of being grateful and taking care of what they own.

Thank you for giving me tips to help make this happen. Your involvement in yesterday’s Frugal Friday helped me tons and I’m thrilled to announce the winner of our drawing.

It’s Tynia! Please email us at info@goingbeyond.com to claim your fabulous gift.

We’ll do this again in four days. Can’t wait to see what you’ll share.

Until next time – Live frugally, live well.