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“Frugal Friday” – MONDAY?

Priscilla | Dec 27, 2009

Yes, it is Frugal Friday.

It’s Monday.

Who cares??

GB Ministries has declared it Frugal Friday.

Did you have a great Christmas? I sure did! It was a whirlwind of gifts, food, sweets and fellowship that has left us gasping for air. All the festivities of the 25th kept me too overwhelmed to keep up with our Frugal Friday series here at Going Beyond Ministries.

So, it’s “Frugal Friday” Monday!

I knew you’d understand. If this is the first time you’ve joined us for Frugal Friday, you’ll be delighted at the plethora of tips you’ll gather from other money conscious folks like yourself. We encourage you to post your thoughts as well  – and at the end of the day, we’ll draw a name to win some fabulous Dave Ramsey resources. Today, I can’t wait to give away another copy of his best selling book, Total Money Makeover and . . .drum roll please . . .”Junior’s Adventures – The Box Set” to our winner.

We have an entire set of money management books written and illustrated just for kids. It tackles everything from debt and savings to integrity and spending wisely, all in a language your children will not only understand, but enjoy.

Christmas is supposed to be a great time to create wonderful memories for you and your family, but if we aren’t careful, the season can also create children with an appetite for emstuff/em that is insatiable. So, long after the sugar high has worn off and  they’ve broken the toys they just received, they are dissatisfied with what they’ve been given and continue to beg for more. No time like the present to teach them the value of a dollar. So that’s what we want to talk about today.

What did your parents teach you or what are you teaching your kids to help them appreciate money and learn to manage it wisely?

The tip I want to share comes straight from my own upbringing. My Dad went out of his way to show us how to manage and appreciate our money. Whenever we got our allowance or earned a bit of money from a side job, he’d be certain we followed a three-step rule:

1. Give
2. Save
3. Spend

We had to give 10% to the Lord and 10% to ourselves before we could buy things we wanted. Even if we only had one dollar, a dime went in the offering plate and a dime went in our savings before we could head out to the store. I’m so grateful to my daddy for helping me learn this because it’s this simple rule that keeps my husband and I debt free to this day.

So, what’s your tip? I hope you’ve got one to share, not just because it will get your name in the drawing for Dave’s incredible resources but it will help us all to teach our kids a lesson that many of us wished we’d learned when we were children.

Live Frugally-Live Well,