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Frugal Holidays?

Oct 31, 2010

November marks the beginning of the end, for me. I mean the end of the year, of course – which is actually the start of the holiday season. This year, I want to plan my gift-giving and event coordinating to coincide with my pocketbook contents so that when 2011 rolls around I’m not digging my way out of a hole. Our family has done fairly well in this area for the last few years, but I know I can improve with a little bit more forethought. It is usually the events (like hosting Christmas dinner) that tend to blow my budget….and I shouldn’t be surprised every single year by the same thing each and every time!

I know we’ve got some very accomplished money-saving/deal-finding women in our midst, as well as new-to-the-idea-of-frugality women too. Whatever your level of penny pinching sophistication, we have something for you today that will inspire you to even greater heights. We are giving away a free copy of:

power of coupons

The Power of Coupons, by Sarah Roe, the Money Saving Queen. In it she shares

•  Where to find coupons for products you actually use•  How to organize coupons•  The top 13 ways to cut your grocery bill in half using coupons•  How to make extra money•  The power of the drugstore•  Insight from Proverbs 31 – Sarah Roe has been encouraging thousands to stand on God’s Word while believing for increase while using practical techniques to save money

To be entered for a chance to win, simply share your favorite frugal holiday tip! How do you make the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year season fit into your budget? How do you make it wonderful time for your family, without blowing the bank?

We will draw a winner from the comment entries and announce it tomorrow!

Can’t wait to hear your ideas,

Rachel Anne