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Gadget Review

Dec 26, 2010

Now that the Christmas gifts have been opened and you’ve had a chance to figure out how to put everything together, program the remotes and set up your system preferences, I’m curious about your reviews on some of the new gadgets that might be operating at your house. I’ll admit I’m not much of a “gadget girl,” but there are some neat things out there that I’d like to know more about.

This was the first year I really got interested in a Kindle or other e-reader (didn’t get one, btw). I saw them everywhere I shopped and would love to find out if any of you use them and what you think. I personally think I might really use this cool tool…but which one is best?? Kindle, Nook, iPad?

Any iPads under the tree? Nope, not at our house either. But I’ve started seeing lots of them recently, and I still haven’t figured out if I would ever really use one….as opposed to a laptop. I mean, WHY?? Your thoughts?

The Wii has been a popular gift for a few years now – and although we don’t have one, I know lots of people love theirs. Does anyone use it for exercise, or do you just let your kids play with it?

I dropped a LOT of hints for a Flip camera. (OK I flat out said I WANT ONE) Didn’t get it. But maybe I just need a phone upgrade to one that takes video?? My pleas for the Flip ended in confused discussion about video camera needs…and my husband’s insistence that I don’t need one. 

But I still believe I do.


Now, the one gadget we did get as a gift was an AppleTV. WOW!! For people like us who don’t have cable and whose Netflix queue is always empty because we forget to add movies so we have to run to Redbox to rent them and then forget to return them the next (five) days, this is a miracle gadget. It wirelessly accesses Netflix (instant downloads), iTunes, our computer, YouTube and podcasts etc so everything is at our fingertips.  Maybe now we will remember to add those old-fashioned DVD’s to our queue. Even though now we almost don’t need them. I am very impressed with this tiny little box.

So how about you? Did you unwrap any new gadgets? What are YOUR reviews?